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Various Artists - Nitro Kid - Soundtrack

Various Artists - Nitro Kid - Soundtrack

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"Nitro Kid - Soundtrack" on Fluo Pink tabs-out Premium Recording the Masters FOX ferrotape with on-shell print in Super Clear Norelcobox - WICR028.

Music by: LudoWic, Tonebox, Jules Reves
Artwork by: Tatiana Kurguzova


Nitro Kid (LudoWic)
Closed Circuit Television (LudoWic)
Rainbow Chip (LudoWic)
Empire Of Skylines (LudoWic)
Video Night (Tonebox)
Turbo Core (Tonebox)
Mid Drive (Tonebox)
Fading Ember (Tonebox)
Godspeed (Jules Reves)
L33's Theme (Jules Reves)
The Return (Jules Reves)
Phantasms (Jules Reves)
Upgrade! (Jules Reves)
P.U.N.K.S. (Jules Reves)
Streets Of Neo Miami (Jules Reves)
INFINITY (Jules Reves)
Forever Brave (Jules Reves)
Can't Outrun The Time Police (Jules Reves)



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